Hanging Ten over the Apocalypse with Belief in Our Essence

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Snooze 2 Awaken

Sol Luckman

I believe … a most curious phrase. We’ve heard about the biology, but what is the etymology of belief?

Belief stems from Old English and once meant trust in God. This made belief a close bedfellow of faith.

But with the spiritual-materialist split known as the Enlightenment, where soul and body were declared by Church and State to have parted ways, we in the West lost our faith as belief came to mean merely mental acceptance of a thing as true.

This was when belief got a bum rap, as in the phrase blind belief. Believers—in whatever—were lampooned by the “enlightened” as playing a foolish, perhaps dangerous game of blind man’s bluff with God and Nature.

“Show me the proof” became the order of the day as the scientific method turned into the only method of apprehending so-called reality. That is, until quantum mechanics

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3 thoughts on “Hanging Ten over the Apocalypse with Belief in Our Essence

  1. Tough call: hang ten and making the conscious decision to sit it out on the sidelines, or engage in the fight to create a world without the negative consequences Mr. Luckman listed. It’d be interesting to hear Mr. Luckman’s appraisal of the Bhagavad Gita, where Arjuna faced the same monumental choice.

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  2. I found this statement very profound: ”We’ve been told our mind is our brain, but our mind is really all around us.” I can imagine Arjuna’s battle as a metaphor of a battle with himself, the others on the battle field being parts of his own Being. I sometimes think the battle “out there” might be a manifestation of an interior battle within myself. Either way, a good self examination leads to better understanding and therefore wiser choices in ”battle.” It’s an interesting world we live in, Jerry. Always good to hear from you. Thanks for the comment bro.


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