All The Young Dudes

On David Bowie’s death at 69. “I’m not a prophet or a stone-age man,
Just a mortal with potential of a superman,
I’m living on…” – David Bowie

Mott The Hoople All The Young Dudes CompilationDavid Bowie gave away one of his greatest songs to another band! The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame described ‘All The Young Dudes’ as one of the “500 Songs that Shaped Rock and Roll”.

‘All The Young Dudes’ became a major hit for one of Bowie’s favorite bands, a British act called Mott The Hoople, who were on the verge of breaking up.

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5 thoughts on “All The Young Dudes

    • Close to a John Lennon moment. I had no idea he had cancer, the news was a complete shock to wake up to. I’ll never forget hearing Ziggy Stardust and Hunky Dory for the first time. WOW!!


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