Engineered food and your health: the nutritional status of GMOs

A contribution for #MarchOnMansantoDay. Check out Neil Young’s preview song, Rock Starbucks, from his concept record called The Monsanto Years here:

Background info here:

“While the debate on the safety of GMOs remains important, it should not distract from remediating the serious health risks of glyphosate sprayed on both RoundUp Ready and non-engineered crops. After viewing this presentation many GMO videos may appear, but note that most avoid mentioning the herbicide, glyphosate, when more than 90% of all GMO crops in North America are sprayed with this herbicide that should have remained a pipe and boiler cleaner.”

3 thoughts on “Engineered food and your health: the nutritional status of GMOs

  1. Farmers of Roundup-ready crops blast their fields with Roundup, which kills everything but the resistant-to-Roundup crops. The essential, disturbing truth is that human beings are NOT Roundup-ready – human beings and all living things are not genetically engineered to be invulnerable to glyphosate.

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  2. Excellent video. Lots of good information I can use when I make my submission to New Plymouth District Council next. Recently I was horrified to learn that their street cleaning trucks are spraying glyphosate on all our curbs to kill weeds.

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  3. It really does take a profound cognitive .disembodiment to simultaneously self-destruct AND to deny that reality in thrall to profit, It’s as if profit achieves an actual identity. Marx never encountered Round-Up, but he saw industry transform human bodies into commodities and described in vivid detail the multiple ways in which capitalism alienates us from ourselves, our work (ie,our actions) and one another,
    He concluded that when profit propels itself thusly, nothing stops it but a revolution.
    Monsanto isn’t going to stop, It can’t. We have to stop it,

    Thank-you for all you do, HipMonkey XXOO


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