The Bubble Genius

The little boy was hypnotized by the bubbles he was blowing, as they floated through the air. It mesmerized me just watching his big brown intense eyes, with the lack of a smile like a scientist on a mission. His face so serious as he searched the space filled with bubbles of all sizes,  exploding at different times. Some landing and rolling on the ground  for a while. Some popping before they got a few feet away from his innocent breath. What did those young eyes see that created such astonishment?

Each bubble seemed to be an entity, just like a human life.  An invisible mystery surrounded by a thin shell. Each one different, but each one the same. The shells would pop, and a tiny droplet would fall to the ground, while what was inside the bubble kept floating away. Some bubbles lived a long time, seeming to break some kind of law of physics. Some burst upon the slightest touch with an object. Some melted together. The double bubble. Ahhh, look at the little boys face. The bubbles burst as he tiredlessly keeps blowing more. What was he thinking?

And he caught me looking at him and saw me staring as hypnotically at the bubbles as he was. We exchanged a short heart felt childish giggle, then he went straight back to blowing bubbles. More and more and more bubbles. And through our eye contact, I realized I peeked into his bubble, and he into mine. In a sea of bubbles, this boy became my little friend, just for a short while. His mother appeared and saw the bubbles and looked down at the boy. Her son, but she didn’t really see him. She was pleased he had occupied himself and there was no doubt she loved him. She just didn’t grasp his genius. She smiled at me and I smiled back to reassure her that the boy was definitely not bothering me. So I looked into her bubble and she into mine. And for a second, we were two friends. Two bubbles making contact in a vast sea of bubbles. And she picked her little boy up and turned to leave. The boy looked back at me and without hesitation smiled and waved good bye.  His bubble trance was now broken,  but I knew he’d soon find something new to study somewhere else.  I just wonder what it will be?