We Should All Be Mad About What’s Happening To E-Cigs

Electronic cigarettes are shaping up to be nothing short of a miracle.  There exists a legally obtainable product in our free market that eventually kills around half its users.  Despite decades of anti-smoking legislation, tax hikes, counter-marketing programs, and scare tactics, smoking is still alive and well killing around 443,000 individuals (the population of Atlanta, Georgia) a year.  E-cig may be the one thing to finally stop this.

Anti-smoking efforts have not gone without any success.  The adult smoking rate in the United States has dropped from more than 40% in 1965 to around 18-19% now.  How much of that decline is a result of anti-smoking efforts and how much of it is a natural byproduct of people seeing what smoking does to friends and family is a topic very much up for debate.

One thing does seem clear, the lower the smoking rate gets, the harder it is to continue the decline.  Internationally, almost all countries that are actively fighting smoking rates have stalled at just under 20%.  Even before electronic cigarettes blazed into the scene, many smoking and public health experts agreed that the war on smoking needed a new weapon.  Most options — graphic warnings, further limiting access and use, and even higher taxes and age restrictions — tread very close to infringing on individual (and even commercial) liberty.

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BANNING THE E-CIG IS MASS MURDER FOR PROFIT. E-cig safety has been scientifically proven, see CASAA.org for the research. Mass media and corporate America is demonizing a life saving alternative that is 99% safer than smoking. Nicotine isn’t harmful in small amounts (nicotine can be found naturally in vegetables). The argument that kids will use them as a gateway to smoking is absurd. Young people still actually prefer real cigarettes, and view the e-cig as a stop smoking device. The only reason to over regulate or ban e-cigs is about money, not health!

I tried for a year to stop my 40+ year smoking habit with FDA approved methods. They didn’t work and have a poor track record for helping smokers to stop. I bought an e-cig in 2010 and haven’t smoked for 4 years. My elderly mother has asthma and COPD and can’t be around a cigarette even outside at a distance, yet I can use my e-cig in an enclosed car and it doesn’t bother her a bit. I believe it’s as safe as breathing air. Big Tobacco wants to corner the market and produce ciggy-like non-effective e-cigs and take away my choice to use a higher voltage vaporizer with flavored e-juice. The choice will again be quit or die. Not to mention the many small American businesses that will suffer, hurting the economy even more. there’s no good reason to not green light the e-cig business. To not is mass murder for profit.