Reality is ………. I Don’t give It A Name

I listened to this again last night, and it really resonates with me, (as do ALL of Alan Watts lectures). You can find a link to his youtube channel in my links section. We eventually become that which we let into our minds, and I’m very careful now of what kind of media I allow to enter my inner space and I wished I had the insight to start earlier in life. It leaves me a lot to unlearn. You youthful ones out there that are waking up are very lucky indeed. You can live in a wonderful world if you organize and create it (If you build it, they will come). And you are and I just love you for it!

This particular lecture is an easy guide on how to meditate. And I slept well after listening to it, and awoke with a little poem inspired by this video. (I’m not a real poet, but I play one on Word Press)….


Hidden secrets,

Corrupt agendas,

By governments,

And Corporations,

Surface to awareness,

My blind trust exploited,

As my awareness expands,

I see I’ve been tricked,

Into trusting exterior things,

So where to turn now?

To the Love within!

Love can be rejected,

Or completely Ignored,

But it can’t be destroyed,

Eradicated or overpowered,

Because Love is all ,

That exists.


And so, the world will continue to mirror back to me the things in my own life and within my own being the things that need changed Within. Greater amounts of light, harmony, balance, calmness, love, and compassion all come from Within and then flow out.  The system, that Big Machine “out there” is not even real and I will not serve it, it is no longer my master.







The Other Half Of The Sky


They’ve stolen our Goddess,

And gave us bulimic,

Photo shopped vomit,

Of run way models,

That mimic,

What women should be,

Anorexic and sick,

Young heroin addicts,

But hey,

It’s all just show biz,

As she strips naked to star in a flick.


The feminine aspect,

A church whore now,

Putting out,

To a mass produced,

And traumatized,


Our strength,

Comes from,

From The Mother Divine,

You can not suppress her,

Erase or deface her,

She’ll come back stronger,

As spirit into matter,


A perfectly,

Well deserved storm.


Instead of of ‘Our Father’,

It should be ‘Our Mother’,

She’s the true art,

Falling from heaven,

And everything here,

Is coming from Her,

And as quickly can all disappear.