Static Quo



Static Quo

Lizards, birds and jungle snakes,
In hanging gardens nature makes,
Below’s a giant waterfall,
That never makes a sound at all.

Vultures circling like drones spying,
Flying, waiting for the dying,
Casting shadows on denial,
And a hungry crocodile.

The lion and the elephant,
Are dancing in a nervous fit,
This jungle of the paranoid,
Is hiding what it can’t avoid.

I stand here naked on the street,
Where the jungle and the city meet,
The homeless in their cardboard tents,
The rich surrounded by a fence.

The paranoia’s everywhere,
The sickness of it fills the air,
Perhaps these are just pointless views,
Distorted by the evening news?

Our love can make them go away,
The problems that are here today,
‘Cause what you give is what you get,
I haven’t lost all hope just yet.