Wikipedia Unreliable


I am a member and  supporter of The Zeitgeist Movement Global. I recommend to anyone interested in a sustainable solution to the problems of the world to investigate TZM’s global movement. Their plan for a Resource Based Economy sounds logical and workable, but the powers that be will do everything to stop it. One of those things is to edit Wikipedia to misrepresent TZM. Wikipedia has a known mainstream slant, and is too easily a source of propaganda due to it’s open-source function (anyone can edit it). In the beginning this probably sounded like a good idea. But with it now a known fact that the Obama Administration hires people to pose as as many as 100 different aliases per person to comment on posts on news, youtube,  blogs, etc, in an effort to promote government propaganda, it was obviously only a matter of time until Wikipedia became unreliable as a source of unbiased truth. I wanted to share part of an email from TZM about it’s problems with Wikipedia, and to give you a heads up that Wikipedia is not as it seems, just like everything else, it’s information is tainted due to it’s unexpected enormous fame. Even it’s founder, James Wales, recommends people don’t use it as a source.

From The Zeitgeist Movement:

Wikipedia Bigotry

On a more unfortunate note it has come to our attention that the English Wikipedia page of The Zeitgeist Movement has and continues to remain non-representative of TZM’s work, controlled by anti-TZM editors which systematically remove basic data, while biasing the article in the most trivial and negative light possible.

Wikipedia is known as an collaborative encyclopedia. Unfortunately, Wikipedia is hardly a scientific process in form as it is lends itself not only to a kind of “mob rule”, it also allows biased angling for content control by teams of editors that systematically override viable data.

In this light, Wikipedia has become a powerful tool of propaganda for controversial subjects, as it is one of the most searched web sites online.

We invite all thoughtful, balanced editors to review TZM’s Wikipedia page and help to place actual, tangible data about the Movement and overcome the negative/dismissive bias clearly evident in the article.

Basic problems include:
– Clear and present non-neutrality of the article’s tone.
– The notability of our global activist day “Zeitgeist Day” is currently ignored overall/being censored.
– The extremely bigoted, un-notable yet highlighted “Criticism Section”, as put forward by fringe, right wing web sites are flagrantly listed.
– The complete removal of most all core projects/web sites central to TZM, including the refusal to allow The Zeitgeist Movement Defined book, which has been mentioned in 3rd party press reports many times, is apparent.
– The page is currently design to read like a “fan club” and not a true institution, with editors removing anything that hints at a dedicated, focused and global organization with an enormous following.