Tom Campbell: “Afterlife” Within The Context Of A Big TOE…And More

I “know” because it works.” When you logically derive a Big TOE (theory of everything) and have tested it out personally such as Tom has, it makes answering even the most esoteric questions possible.

In this interview, Tom expands on questions that have received much attention in some of his previous interviews, and those are “What happens after we die?”, and How can one “know” these things?
And, from “Who are we in this reality?, what are the real consequences (in detail) of our good and not so good choices?

His theory from his book My Big TOE rests on the conclusion that we are living in a virtual reality simulation, and that all of reality is information at the core.

With this in mind, he answers the questions of afterlife and how we can know about the process involved in transitioning from “here” to “there”. He normalizes the “paranormal”. His theory logically bridges Quantum Mechanics and Relativity, thus explaining the much sought after question of what is “other” that Edward Fredkin referred to in his presentations.

He also comments on Dr Bruce Lipton’s work,The Biology of Belief, and how Lipton’s work with cells mirrors the fractal nature of our reality that Tom describes.

In one of his most recent interviews with scientist Dean Radin, Dean is quoted as saying (in reference to his experiments with the paranormal) , “Proof is about alcohol, I don’t need proof, I have evidence” Evidence (your own subjective evidence) is what Tom values as well.

For our dear friend Marla Frees, psychic medium (host, Whitney Streiber’s Dreamland), he comments on “alien” encounters, and how they can be possible and real (an interpretation of information from external sources).

These subjects are diverse, esoteric and mysterious, unless you have developed a true Big TOE (theory of everything) as Tom Campbell has, and then they are all logically explainable.

Note: Chakras are discussed as metaphors, but the information received through this metaphor is the real thing.

To those of you just new to Tom’s work, the “Larger Consciousness System” is interpreted by some to be God.…

Interview by Donna Aveni

via Tom Campbell: \”Afterlife\” Within The Context Of A Big TOE…And More 9/28/12 – YouTube.