Born To Be Mild


Your life is not an accident. Your life is lived in your mind. Life is also lived in your heart. Sometimes you rue your actions or inaction. You call them whopping mistakes, and, yet, still, you don’t know yet how one action leads to another and how it will all play out. You can’t think all that much about what has been and what is yet to be.

Your essence comes into fruition not by trying but by allowing. To revel in your capacity to glow and spread your Love to all those around you is a privilege and a right you have and are discovering with each passing day. As cliche’ as it has become, everything you experience in your Earthly Lives happens for a reason, and you have steered your own Lives and experiences in the directions best intended for your growth.

Perhaps the purpose is that ‘God’ (the ancient’s name for Consciousness) needs to evolve to stay alive, and It does this by splitting Itself apart into us, and It’s life depends on us evolving into Love. We are One with this Consciousness.

It appears that consciousness is digital information packets encoded in photons (god is light), and the future exists as a probability (as proven by the double slit experiment) based on our choices and intent. We are this very Consciousness. We THINK we are bodies, but we aren’t. In truth, there is no proof that matter exists. The closer we look the more emptiness we see. Life is at most energy and/or vibration, but even that is a product of consciousness. There is in truth only Consciousness and everything emanates from It. We are the thoughts of Conscious Awareness and that means this reality is a virtual reality. (Virtual means rendering information). We are like characters or avatars in a video game. When the avatar ‘dies’ the player doesn’t die. The player gets a new avatar and keeps playing. Most of us are immersed in the game and don’t realize (or care to know) it’s just a game, but that’s OK. Evolution is a slow process. We will evolve into true human beings, a mankind of Gaia via love and co-operation. Eventually.

And by the way, there are things we just cannot know. I’m fine with that. I love a good mystery. I will not fill that void of not knowing with “beliefs.” That’s a box I struggled too hard to get out of.

Belief = Ignorance.

7 thoughts on “Born To Be Mild

  1. “And by the way, there are things we just cannot know.” A compassionate thing to say by the writer.
    “Most of us are immersed in the game and don’t realize (or care to know) it’s just a game, but that’s OK.” That statement, in particular”it’s just a game”, in contrast seems far less compassionate in the sense of concluding life is a game, period, and suggesting meaninglessness instead of powerfully encouraging living a life which somehow adds to others’ joy and happiness. But perhaps that is just picking bones. The writer goes on,with a positve statement: “We will evolve into true human beings, a mankind of Gaia via love and co-operation. Eventually.”

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    • I don’t see the contradiction you see Jerry, and I never said ”life is just a game” – period. This shouldn’t be taken out of context from the entire post! My meaning is to say that this apparent reality is merely an illusion and that death isn’t real. It’s a virtual reality game. However, it was created by Consciousness to evolve Itself, so I’m not saying it’s not important, I’m trying to say that what we think and believe to be real is just part of a game. Those that don’t see the bigger picture are playing the game, as intended by consciousness, to explore itself and have an experience to evolve it’s Self (lower it’s entropy) in order to stay alive. The fear based ego created in this game is not important in the big picture, it’s a vanishing process in the development of ManKIND.


      • David,
        Thought to ask if it was your writing or another’s, coincidentally. :) While understanding fully the point you made, one which men and women who have some familiarity with the “esoteric” have awaress of and come to take for granted, perhaps it was unconsciously out of concern for the esoterically uninitiated (for example if high school students happened to come this way) that the comment originated. After that, if you’ve ever played baseball, referring to the post, teammates shout words of encouragement from the dugout to teammates at the plate in their turn at bat – “Good rip!”


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