The Evolution of Consciousness With Peter Russell

For years Western Science has relegated consciousness to an epiphenomenon created by the brain. There are, however, serious problems with this approach and an alternative worldview is emerging in which consciousness is an essential quality of the cosmos.

With human beings, this universal consciousness has evolved to the stage of self-reflective consciousness — we are aware that we are aware — opening us to new realms of imagination and innovation. Yet, at the same time, our newfound powers are also threatening our survival as a species. We are being asked to step beyond a limited ego-centric consciousness and awaken to our true nature, to discover for ourselves the inner peace and freedom spoken of by mystics the world over.

Peter Russell is an author, public speaker, and multimedia producer who is recognized as a leading thinker on consciousness and contemporary spirituality. He coined the term “global brain” with his 1980’s bestseller of the same name in which he predicted the Internet and the impact it would have on humanity. He is the author of nine books, including Waking Up in Time, and From Science to God.

His principal interest is the inner challenges of the times we are passing through. Peter believes if we are to navigate our way safely through these turbulent times we need to listen to the wisdom of the world’s spiritual traditions, as well as to our current scientific understanding. For more information on him visit:

3 thoughts on “The Evolution of Consciousness With Peter Russell

  1. When Mr. Russell (around 26 minutes) talked about paradigm shifts occurring when previous assumptions collide with anomalies which are both inexplicable and undeniable, leading to seriously looking at the anomaly, questioning previous assumption(s) and changing the paradigm in the process. He distinguished between NDEs (inexplicable but not undeniable, because some suggest physical causes – oxygen deprivation etc.) and consciousness (both inexplicable and undeniable), the one certain anomaly facing the scientic community.

    It seemed unnecessary for him to make that distinction, and makes one wonder why he didn’t include NDEs as an aspect of the general term consciousness. In making that distinction, unfortunately he diminished the profound nature of NDEs and personal accounts where people describe specifically details they experienced which confirm NDEs as undeniable. Like observing, say, an old, red tennis shoe at the top of the hospital, or the particular hospital gown someone was wearing 10 floors up (or in an entorely different hospital in another location) etc.

    Besides that “anomalous” observation during the talk, Mr. Russell deserves credit for being a consciousness pioneer – volunteering to explore the inner worlds.

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    • You will find many metaphors in the words of many Consciousness Travelers, I find myself cherry picking something from most all of them. The “hard problem” in physics can’t be ignored forever by scientific dogma. I applaud any scientist who’s livelihood depends on the mainstream science dogma for taking a risk and expressing more truthful views. Thanks Jerry :)


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