Here Come The Judge

And aren’t we all? Why bother with judging others and general gossip? I wonder if most all of us are hardwired to engage in this negative behavior. If you think about it, it’s like looking in the mirror and hating yourself. But we do it, I do it. I try to catch it as early as possible and stop. In fact I actually realize that if I could meet my 30 year old self, I’d not be friends with him/me. In fact I would probably not like him (me). Lol! The answer to ALL the problems in the world must be addressed and solved from within. We are so interconnected with each other that we are more of a WE than a ME. It’s cliché, but LOVE is the answer….


(I love this pic but I don’t recall where it came from. If it’s yours let me know and I’ll credit you)

9 thoughts on “Here Come The Judge

  1. Reminds one of the saying “hate the sin, but love the sinner.” And Gilda Radner on Saturday Night Live playing Emily (“never mind”) Litella, on Weekend Update ranting about one of the week’s news issues, getting all the facts wrong, before Chevy Chase corrects her, she gets it, and apologizes with “never mind”. Uninformed judgment is the worst form. Certainly in alignment with the quote.


  2. and i’m in that fucked up club, too..but it’s probable everyone else is
    so we’re all the same while being different..but you’re right, passing
    judgment is usually pretty much a waste of time


  3. Most personality theories accept the view that the traits we condemn most in other people are hidden traits in ourselves that we unconsciously suppress. There are parts of the New Testament that are surprisingly psychologically sophisticated in this respect: Matthew 7:3 “Why do you look at the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye?”

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  4. (chuckle) Oh, how true! It’s a tough task indeed to objective about one’s own basic shortcomings let alone attempting serious self-development.Then again, if it was easy, we wouldn’t learn the inevitable lessons…I think this is why a loving partner and friends that you really trust are so vital to our lives as they can give an objective “mirror” of the impressions we give to others which are entirely outside our awareness. That way, our ego can potentially get bypassed by that objective but critical love for our highest good. Needless to say, friends like that are not so easy to find….

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