11 thoughts on “THE LIE WE LIVE

  1. David,
    Good to see you’re still “sucking air” and have re-entered the planetary justice struggle, my brother :) . Looking forward to increasingly powerful, positive posts in the days and weeks ahead. As the video conveys, now is always the time for wide united efforts focused on profound improvement in the health and well-being of men, women and children the world over.
    Best regards,

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  2. My living situation is better suited (in some aspects) to return to blogging. I will explain things in a future post. It’s been a wild ride this past 18 months or so which was needed for my own personal growth (and I hope it never ends) :)


  3. So glad to see you again, my friend!!!! :)

    Hope you feel good! :)

    These have been challenging months for me too. But it’s been a gracious rain :)

    I wish you lots of pure light! May you harmonize with everything you create!

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    • If only EVERYONE would watch the video and choose to be informed, what a great shift in consciousness would follow. Seems the ‘masses’ just aren’t ready quite yet. Soon I hope…


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