7 thoughts on “Cannabinoids and Their Affect on the Body

  1. I like this post, thank you! Its great to see more awareness on Cannabis. Hopefully it will be universally accepted as a alternative medication for curing so many diseases like Stuart above stated for various types of cancers. Having said that I have some concerns just how influential pharmastical companies would be for this to accelerate forward as Cannabinol’s gain is bound to effect them adversely. Anyway fingers cross, hoping for the best :)


    • I’d like to see the pharma brought to it’s slimy knees. I should be able to ingest and experience anything I want. How can a gov’t make an experience illegal? Nonsense!! Put weed up against Prozac for depression and watch which one wins :) Not to mention the hemp products that have been outlawed because of our wonderful Plutocracy that’s desperately masquerading as a democracy in a very laughable way. lol


  2. Ironically a few hours after I commented here…one of the posts I found on facebook friends was on a pharmaceutical company has a patent (No: US20130059018) of using cannabinoids for curing cancer. So maybe they are trying to use some way or another to exploit its benefits to make a profit. But at least its a step in the right direction to use drugs in a constructing manner for fighting illinesses that are widely regarded as incurable.


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