2 Dream Sickles and a Circle


“Start dying each moment to the past. Clean yourself of the past each moment. Die to the known so that you become available to the unknown. With dying and being reborn each moment you will be able to live life and you will be able to live death also. And that’s what spirituality is really all about: to live death intensely, to live life intensely; to live both so passionately that nothing is left behind unlived, not even death. If you live life and death totally, you transcend. In that tremendous passion and intensity of life and death, you transcend duality, you transcend the dichotomy, you come to the One. That One is really the truth. You can call it God, you can call it life, you can call it truth, samadhi, ecstasy, or whatsoever you choose.” -Rajneesh

I had a couple weird dreams last night that I can’t possibly accurately describe, but feel I have to try to, at least a little bit. I saw a circle that represented the Consciousness Field surrounding the earth. At the bottom was the masses, slumbering hypnotically through life, being slaves to a master they do not know and do not care to know. There was a small ever thinning stream going almost to the top of the circle that represented people in various degrees of wakefulness and awareness of the present situation in which we live. At the top was pure Consciousness and it was uninhabited by human beings, and was symbolized by a white empty space. I became aware that reaching that void at the top would be a state of not having any experience. This just doesn’t sound like much of a life to me. Evidently Consciousness wants and needs to experience it’s own awareness, therefore it creates people, and by doing this it evolves. Perhaps there’s a human that has reached the top, but they didn’t stay there. We all need to come back down to this ‘prison planet’ (which by the way is not a phrase the fear-monger Alex Jones invented, Timothy Leary was using it in the 60s), and play the game to some degree or we would not be human nor be manifested on the earth. Some think (or pretend) they are fully awake, and to me they come across as so heavenly good they are no earthly good at all. One cannot ‘live’ up there and function ‘down here.’ There are enlightened ones, but not people living in Nirvana, or bliss, or whatever it is that was represented as the top of the circle of pure Consciousness. We are but be a piece of Consciousness and are Consciousness while still being human. (I don’t know what any of this post is going to sound like, but I can assure you though that yes, I’m not “normal” – lol) …

Prisoner to what? A man made matrix created from man’s lower animal ego (which we all own). The Gnostics called it the demiurge. I don’t need to explain the matrix to you, my finely tuned in reader. We have been rewired from birth to serve as slaves to a few ruling elite bloodlines. There’s a hundred posts that goes in to detail about this matrix on this blog. It’s not as real as it seems and nothing to fear.  I consider it a game. Some are aware it’s a game, and some are so fully engaged in the game they don’t realize it’s a game. That is a nonjudgmental fact. Live and let live is all one can do, but for Consciousness to evolve, this lower ego has to be mastered. I absolutely think we can de-evolve, but we’d just return in 4 million years or so. But despite the seemingly overwhelming odds more and more are “waking up” to the fact that we are being lied to and manipulated while certain truths are being suppressed. (I’ve noticed recent false flag operations that failed to work as well as they would have, say 30 years ago). A small sign of hope? Hell yeah!

I then had a dream I was on the top floor of a high-rise looking down on the street watching a protest. In the dream the government decided to admit it’s guilt  and tell the truth about itself and what it was really about. The protesters were carrying signs that read “Please keep lying to us!” They were protesting against knowing the truth. I watched without emotion, only an intense interest and a kind of bewilderment. Maybe even a touch of WTF. You’d have had to be there to understand. There’s a photon with an information packet of these dreams imprinted on it, maybe you can find it floating about on the astral plane.

I don’t have the pleasure of remembering all my dreams, but these were unforgettable and very psychedelic.  If you’ve ever tripped you know it’s impossible to convey the experience in words, though you’re still compelled to try. Did some of this make any sense? I better go drink some coffee. Doooooooooooods!! It’s still all very groovy. Wake and bake …


14 thoughts on “2 Dream Sickles and a Circle

  1. I love this post! It spells out what so often happens in the search for spirit…I read a book by a man called Bill Plotkin, who spoke about his own journey into masculine spirit, and a vission quest which opened up the importance of rootedness to him. I think the search for the more masculine aspect of spirituality and the fear of the feminine is perhaps connected to fear of vulnerability…I don’t know. I think we’re loosing the power of the feminine, the goddess, and the world needs this.

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  2. Aw, blueangelwolf, I’m in good company then :) Besides, who wants to be normal (whatever that is)? Haha. (I just usually write a draft, proof read, edit then post, I did this practically in my sleep because I have sometimes forgotten the most vivid dreams so quickly.

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  3. Thank you so much for sharing your dreams. This is only my observation as a formal student of dream work, but I have noticed that people usually don’t really begin dreaming about the collective until they’ve made peace with a lot of their personal demons, or at least acknowledged them, so it is a testament of growth to you and anyone else who reaches the stage of dreaming of the collective. Wonderful to find this out about you, and again, thank you for sharing the dreams here, spreading the gifts to all of us. Love and respect, Amanda

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  4. I am impressed by your grip on thoughts while you translate them into words. Like you I am a huge skeptic myself and find repulsive any form of deliberated education,knowledge and inspiration which is all around us. Their (our social environ OR spiritual leaders OR Govts )’s fake benevolence in giving us all these knowledge and curiosity to gain more is afflicted by their own desires. Only that who is without desire can be trusted e.g. animals. Those who are without desires will never tell us anything in first place!


  5. Alan Watts (oh, yeah, that guy!) described a ‘thought experiment’ of sorts (for the actual audio clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wU0PYcCsL6o&feature=player_detailpage#t=71), which your post immediately made me think of. Your description of the pure Consciousness ‘wanting’ or ‘needing’ to experience, seems intuitively right, but for (in my opinion) the wrong(ish) reasons: Consciousness /is/ Experience and Awareness. Pure Consciousness cannot exist without ‘impurities’ which it can experience. Just like my posts on Everything/Nothing vs. Ex-sistence, Too much ‘purity’ annihilates the thing’s very essence. Who’s to say ‘enlightenment’ doesn’t happen the other way around? Who’s to say that beings, in their imperfection aren’t the most refined (fine-grained) forms of Consciousness, of pure experience? Look forward to hearing from you soon :)


    • I appreciate the audio link. I think too many humans are programmed by other humans in an oligarchy attempt to benefit their own greed. If we were of a higher consciousness this could not happen (I’m reminded of Plato’s Cave allegory). I think it’s possible for higher consciousness system to exist, and that would be what most call God, although you are right that pure consciousness without experience might not exist, and that could be what my dream was telling me, I do think there are higher dimensions, or levels, to the Consciousness system. That might include worlds with different ‘physical’ laws and different realities (as experienced in dreams). But to speculate is just a mental exercise in futility, as it’s set up so there are things we just cannot know because it’s so much bigger than ourselves. Basically, I think humans have become fear based wards of the rich, and to me that’s not enlightenment. But then again, that’s is a judgement I’m in no position to make. We each are their own authority and some are so immersed in the game they forget it’s a game, and perhaps that’s the way Consciousness wants it to be. Cheers.


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