Lovers Transcending the Duality Void


There is much conversation today about gender equality, sensuality, sexuality. We talk about these things because our very deep and ever-present desire is to experience ourselves through love. We want to know love in all of its forms and manifestations… true lovemaking. But to know this, we must know what is within, unite what has been divided, and create what is new.

So to begin, we ask: what is the feminine spirit within and what is the masculine spirit within?

The first answer: they are not two – they have been divided at some point in history, but they are not two. What we must do is take what has been divided (torn apart by conditioning) back, and make it into: one. For those who wish to know the true meaning of oneness, this is it. You cannot have oneness in your outside life, so to speak, if you don’t have it within.

These forces interact within as the creation void: the field of infinite possibilities. These qualities are one within us, sometimes balanced, mostly not. Voids are not easily conquered.

Going about our daily lives, we try to correct that imbalance by interacting with our so-called counterpole. Men will go courting women, and women will go courting men, faintly knowing that who they are courting is themselves… deep within the hidden realms of their soul. So basically, when we look into the mirror reflection of the other, we see our own image on one level, and recognition on another. That seems to be the key to finding ourselves through love.

Such a precious finding has many names: soul mates, twin flames, cosmic souls… yet a sweet, sweet promise of merging into a state of Bliss. And yes, we still sit by the sunlit lake, gazing at its surface… waiting, through endless nights.

The day will come when we merge within ourselves, through our beloved. On that day we truly can speak of cosmic union, twin flames, soul mates… and transcending the absurd matrix parameters for physical love.

We can talk about sex, but sex is very uninteresting. Sensuality is everything. And sensuality can only exist when equals meet and surrender. Trust is the key… trust and non-competition. Equals don’t compete… they accept. The rhythm is: conquering, surrendering, conquering, surrendering.

What has happened to take us off track? We are dual, hetero-centered beings becoming alienated into a gender-bender scare agenda. People are gender scared by design.

Man’s feminine aspect put into context is: introspection, intuition, awareness of the other, awareness of feeling and emotions, a giving sensuality, perception of softness and flow, his ability to perceive the beauty he encounters.

But all too often man’s feminine aspect has gone bent. He opens to the feminine and forgets that he is masculine with power and authority to act. Is this a man, behaving like a wet noodle in a boring restaurant dish with only the parameters of the matrix guiding him the wrong way?

He believes he must be soft, he must go to sensitivity classes, he must debate his femininity with other men, he needs written permission for French kissing… his empowerment is gone. Much can be said about that – but first we will say that he didn’t put himself there.

Who did… what did? We see the bending of an awakening in the 60s and 70s: breast swinging women’s liberators going bezerk on equality. Yes, men and women are equal but men and women cannot be equal if the feminine insists on having the power in the relationship. That’s just a switch from the masculine having the power.

Trading places is not balance, and it’s not interesting any more since: Love doesn’t compete – Love IS the power. It does not insist on the struggle to avoid the surrender and keep up the differences.

When masculine enters feminine space it is not diminished; it is still masculine. The domination of the feminine agenda has caused confusion, the loss of masculine force, and the loss of respect… a very sad situation for all.

Don’t get it wrong here – we see true liberation in women setting themselves free. The liberated context of woman’s masculine aspect is in her ability to act upon self and others through feminine self-knowledge. When the feminine enters masculine space she does not lose her mind – it is a magnetic force of intelligence, spirit and conscious sensuality.

When a woman’s masculine aspect goes wrong she takes up control and becomes hard and competitive; discarding the knowing feminine, transforming her outer look into mirroring the masculine, diminishing her sensuality. It’s a craving for power, and that craving for power discards the knowing deep within her.

Diminished is the woman who does not know… she need not fight, she need not go to war. She can impact a household with the lift of her eyebrow. That is the feminine power – subtle, powerful subtle. And the masculine will stand in awe of that, knowing he has crossed her boundaries. He will not bow down… he will give in. That’s a huge difference, a transcending difference, and she will give in to his signs of discomfort.

So, disempowered man in all of your acquired helplessness, power craving woman pumping gender bender irons in the name of misconcepted equality…

Wake up – is everybody in? The ceremony is about to begin.

We’re approaching an end point… gender confusion supported by the matrix, by legislation, by interfering in people’s private lives: diminishing the right to be a man and the right to be a woman and stand proud by it.

Confused is the man who cannot let his eye wander upon a beautiful woman dazzled by her sensuality (which is basically the embodiment of the feminine sacred spirit) – not wanting to engage – just being in awe of it. The muse-effect has fueled much creativity.

Confused is the woman who cannot gaze at the masculine power – not wanting to engage – just to stand in admiration of it. That’s the point of accession. Empowerment, inspiration, sensuality – the joy of being different while knowing deep inside that the difference is just an illusion – it is within reach when we don’t cling to the programming.

What have we with the politically correct conditioning? We have reached the cliff’s edge. Kindergarten children in Sweden are not allowed to refer to each other as he and she. What are they thinking about? The rules are set up by professionals who know that children develop their gender identity at that precise age.

Imagine those children growing up, wanting to have their first kiss, their first relationship. How will they know an approach? Is this a road sign to a trans-agenda? It is the exact opposite of where we need to go – erasing polarities on the outside will result in a state of stasis: gender confused drones who cannot breach the reality gap.

So everybody is suffering here in the genderless matrix – humanoids seeking automatic body movement in order to find release in whichever way programming suggests. If he can’t satisfy you, get a nine volt device instead. If she can’t, see a 20$ hooker or how about an online chat. That is beyond sad, and the revenue and the demand for add-ons is big business.

For the orgasm outcome no heart-centered energy is required. In fact, quite the opposite can be true. There is a pleasure potential, and also a descending potential which we have seen result in some of the greatest suffering that we know of in the world today.

It’s a sad sight to see lovers who cannot open each other into the sensual world, because they plugged into the world of the matrix-defined mechanical body movements.

Nature pulls male and female together in magnetic attraction. We are part of that nature, but we can go beyond that. We can transcend it but we need love in the flesh to show us the way to pleasure a thousand raptures deep – surrendering, transcending, loving, giving it up.

Stepping back from the cliff, we can see the return of romance, balanced male and balanced female, sensuality, beauty in feminine flow, beauty in masculine action, respect, renewed life, lovemaking from heart and all the body – from top to toe – everything embedded. We can be as balanced as we want, depending upon what we want and our willingness to sail the uncharted sea of the divinity in love. This sailing is not instant: it requires time, commitment and effort.

How does sex become lovemaking? The shift is within our intent. When we go from being result oriented to being process oriented the result will follow… if we surrender to it.

We can surrender if we are safe – if we feel safe within our feminine or masculine spirit. It’s true that we may need our partner to guide us to surrender. We cannot expect that two people when they meet are at exactly the same level – let he or she who has traveled the furthest show the way. That becomes a beautiful trust.

In the heart we experience the magnetic attraction of the other polarity through our senses: we look at the beauty, we smell the fragrance, we feel the spirit, we touch the body, we listen to the voice, we resonate with it all. That is why we desire and it should be all we desire.

Evolution is not difficult here… yet finding the courage to forego political correctness and speak up for it seems to be one of our major obstacles. Merging hearts will take us to our love affair with the god within – the feminine and the masculine in oneness – on the inside.

And that is where we started out….

About the Authors

Ida Lawrence is an author, blogger, copywriter and editor based in Atlanta, Georgia. She has contributed to and edited two books on racial justice and human rights, and numerous articles on human rights, self-empowerment and related subjects. Her latest book is entitled The Warrior’s Way to Heaven on Earth. Ida has also published a companion book of blog favorites from

Soren Dreier is the author of, an excellent blog with mind-blowing perspectives on the modern world.

This article is offered under Creative Commons license. It’s okay to republish it anywhere as long as attribution bio is included and all links remain intact.

31 thoughts on “Lovers Transcending the Duality Void

    • I noticed that too and I presume it was beyond the scope of this short article. The Dalai Lama calls these people ‘blessed ones’ because they more equally contain both genders. They were held in high esteem in the ancient world as well.

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    • Sally Gross shared her history as a transgendered person, and the need to break the gender binaries which have been constructed. She was an incredibly warm and compassionate person, but sadly not seen as ‘blessed’, but rejected from the church, and needed to fight for her right as a legitimate person. I think Dave’s right, our culture is limited or constrained. I read Will Rosco’s study of the two spirited people, and that was moving!


  1. lots here! what reverberates with me is the impacting of a household with the lift of an eyebrow, makes me smile as it brings to memory my mother and grandmother before her, both awesome women who could, when they chose to, bring both men and women to their knees . . . actually many women in the part of the world i was born to have this innate ability and whenever i saw it used, i’d see respect flash across the ‘others’ face and a shift in energy would occur on both ends; over there it was almost like a situation was a challenge in which you could rise up from within and respond thereby polishing your kettle of mettle or you could submit and shuffle along cowering and grumbling etc. or you could engage in hot angry aggression that inevitably led to ugliness, so many choices presented themselves, but this lifted eyebrow was very effective in being a leveler of the situation and turning things around to an ok i see you, now see and know me too and let’s move along kind of variant that often had interesting results . . ..

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  2. This article expresses better than I ever could what I have come to understand myself as I journey through life. When one is complete within ones self (when you truly love yourself) and doesn’t need the mirror or another being to feel complete, then you are open to have a truly “healthy” relationship with another, especially if they are at that same place too. Not needing anything from them but enjoying that they share with you the journey. Power is so over rated and comes out of imbalance. It is power over our own mind that is important. Buddhism has helped me with this more than any other philosophy or religious teachings i have studied.

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  3. Hi Hipmonkey, I must come back and read this wonderful article. I have taken a glance but too late now for me to read… I need to go to bed… By the way is there an automatic like button on wordpress? – I ask because there is a guy who likes every one of my posts the instant that it is published.. I cannot think he is on line each and every time I am.. Odd.. Please let me know what you think.. thanks eve..

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    • I’ve had that happen to me too. You know they didn’t read it that quickly. My thinking is they get notified by mail and click like as soon as the email arrives. I haven’t heard of an auto like bot, but nothing surprises me anymore. :P


      • Yes, the guy always likes before the post is off the press so to speak. That makes me mad… I rarely get comments so yes, I am suspicious of many people who like my posts now. It takes me ages to sort through the blogs and I do my best to read those I truly like, or put them aside to when i can… but to just keep on liking without reading as a habit is not good.. I do like photos and of course with those there is no reading to do… I do not like poetry though and do not read it often… That’s about it.. thanks for replying eve.


      • There was a post on the ”like” button that led to some interesting comments. I only hit the like button if I really like what I read, and commenting for me is rare, but only because I’m a little disabled and typing is hard most of the time. Cheers :)


      • yes there needs to be a post about auto. likes… I like photos – but rarely like long posts, cos I am not good at reading on line. It takes me ages… Sorry to hear of your disability… Your blog is lovely though.. I am putting a footer at the bottom of my posts from now on with “No auto. likes.” – only sincere ones. eve


  4. I don’t know why I am so short on comments… I guess the blog is not that interesting to w.p. people in general.. What am I doing wrong.? eve


  5. Hi Dave, I love this article! I think we do need to appreciate the feminine energy more, but in a world which values rationality, it’s so hard to do. Hysteria was seen to be linked to emotion, and to the womb. One of the wiser healers I know says that the feminist movement is not as much an appreciation of feminine energy, as much as a move towards masculinity. But the value of emotion, heart and compassion could stop wars.

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  6. I agree with the observation of many feminist writers that men’s fear and resentment of women (and effeminate men) is their terror of the feminine within themselves. Especially in American materialist culture, it’s considered unmanly to demonstrate feminine traits, such as intuitive thinking, introspection, awareness of the other.

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  7. yes, it is good.. I still have a ways to go to finish.. I closed down my blog.. Children of Light.. I am out of patience with it… Will reopen at another time. best eve


  8. I wish I would not have deleted all my original posts, I hadn’t planned on returning but mother is a little better and doesn’t need me 24/7 so I returned minus all my first posts. I think you’re doing the right thing. Sounds like a break might be a good thing for you. I’m glad you decided to keep it and hope you add new soon.


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