$haring $ome $ense


To let go of any belief, you don’t have to do anything.  You just have to recognize that it is a belief, not the truth.

Most people are under the incorrect assumption that money is the consequence of human evolution and thousands of years of barter and trade. As hard as this may be for some people to accept, that is an incorrect assumption.

Meticulous scrutiny of our human history shows very clearly that money was introduced several thousand years ago, by a small group of royal political elites as the supreme tool of enslavement of the masses. Since the very first introduction of money this small group of very powerful individuals have controlled the printing and supply of money, and thereby control the activities on planet Earth.

• Money is the obstacle to all progress
• The cause of all misery on Earth.
• Money is the major contributing factor to the gross separation and segregation in society.
• Money is the cause of 99% of crime.
• Money causes families to fall apart.
• Money is the driving force behind the SEVEN deadly sins and ego, gluttony, jealousy, greed, envy, lust and all the ugliest aspects of humanity.
• Money has been the motive behind most of the wars of the past 2000 years and funded by the bankers, often funding both sides for maximum profit and control.

The solution is quite clear. REMOVE the problem. Remove MONEY from society. It’s so engrained in us we can hardly imagine such a thing as no money. Well imagine harder, it worked great before. Unlearning is more important than learning. Re-member our dis-membered Selves.

 TZM is a program trying to implement a resource based economy, check it out. There is also a US chapter of Ubuntu that is having some success, though mostly in Africa.

12 thoughts on “$haring $ome $ense

  1. I feel like these posts would be enhanced if you cited your historical claims in some way. Why should I just take your word that money did indeed originate from a royal elite to enslave the masses?

    But i will readily concede to some of your other claims. Just thinking about all of the problems in society, all of them seem rooted in money.


  2. Canada has gotten a start with getting rid of the penny, Lol, …….. money is just convenient, I don’t have a problem with it, the problem comes in when a few individuals in the world dictate how the planet’s resources are managed and who has a say in who derives the benefits from those resources, and how much blood, sweat and tears it takes for the average person to get what is needed for their own sustainability. Also, let’s not forget the sustainability of the planet itself. Wisdom in the distribution of money and what it represents is what is needed. A rare coin indeed.


    • Maybe the lower vibrational field of money attracts the least favorable people to manage it, and rise to the top of the heap only to control others. I think the main problem is it’s a Ponzi scheme without any real value except for belief. It’s paper with majick pictures on it and has no value except for creating debt. All this came about from religious usury. Modern money is a real problem for most everyone on the planet. Now, a rare coin would be welcomed into this giant mess … indeed!! :))


      • As long as the majority live from the lower vibrational fields of their own body-being, nothing will change. A revolution from belief to a true gnosis. Well anyways, I know you know what I’m talking about :-) Hugggssss “D”


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