The Other Half Of The Sky


They’ve stolen our Goddess,

And gave us bulimic,

Photo shopped vomit,

Of run way models,

That mimic,

What women should be,

Anorexic and sick,

Young heroin addicts,

But hey,

It’s all just show biz,

As she strips naked to star in a flick.


The feminine aspect,

A church whore now,

Putting out,

To a mass produced,

And traumatized,


Our strength,

Comes from,

From The Mother Divine,

You can not suppress her,

Erase or deface her,

She’ll come back stronger,

As spirit into matter,


A perfectly,

Well deserved storm.


Instead of of ‘Our Father’,

It should be ‘Our Mother’,

She’s the true art,

Falling from heaven,

And everything here,

Is coming from Her,

And as quickly can all disappear.


7 thoughts on “The Other Half Of The Sky

    • Thanks FMG, always good to get a comment from you. I’m guessing you might think the second half better? Men suffer from Patriarchy also. We lost our Goddess 2,000 years ago! Remember John Lennon’s song Woman Is The Nigger Of The World? That caused a stir at the time. Many females, especially younger ones, buy into the image of women sold by the media quite unaware of doing so. I worry about my granddaughters exposed to all this TV/Movie/Music definition of a woman/girl/sex object crap.


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