Power of Thought – A Quantum Perspective


A scientific approach to explaining the power of thought. We have all heard it before, “Your thoughts create your reality.” Well, new quantum physics studies support this idea. Learn about recent research about how the mind can influence the behavior of subatomic particles and physical matter. If you enjoy the video, please pass it.

via ▶ Power of Thought – A Quantum Perspective – By Kent Healy – YouTube#t=20.

6 thoughts on “Power of Thought – A Quantum Perspective

    • Good question, I guess it could be powerful with proper meditation and a touch of Zen? It’s a good guide to travel through the Matrix of the current density until liberation. Once science announces in the mainstream media this new science, beliefs will continue to fill the void of knowledge.


  1. Fascinating short film. Very interesting examples of real-life studies which proved the power of thoughts to affect the physical world. Similarity to near death experience where the personal accounts reveal, while in the “other side”, the experiencers moved, and things happened, at the speed of thought. The film in effect is giving humanity its first glimpse of heaven on Earth. Cool post. Thanks.


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