Sick Again

Home alone and so love sick,

I’m reading all your letters,

Thinking I might find a clue,

Of where it all went wrong,

And I can’t help but think that you,

Were pretending all along,

Your bronze skin glows,

I miss the touch,

And I can hardly stand it

I’m missing you so very much,

But I’ll never admit it.

6 thoughts on “Sick Again

  1. Love sick is the most painful! The whys? After too many cases I have come to see it is the storm before the calm, the course adjustment that was needed! Every time I came through it to a better place with better understanding of self. If I could teach my younger self anything it would be to take at least half the energy i put into relationships loving and caring for others and directed that energy to myself, having a loving and caring relationship with self! : )


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