Cha Cha Changes

There are some kinky people that desire, sexually and fully, to be controlled. They get pleasure out of it. It’s called sadomasochism, and they’re called subs for submissives. I’ve never been lucky enough to —scratch that — I’ve never had a willing loving sex slave, unless you count my right hand, and that’s in a sort of an emancipation proclamation by proxy. Having a sex slave that obeys and pleasures all my fantasies and enjoys doing so? What’s the problem? Sign me up. (I was joking about my right hand you perves, I have, ya know, touched myself in an impure manner, but I didn’t tie myself up first or anything weird). What was the point of this? Oh, yeah, at least the subs are aware and willing participants, and so maybe they have one up on the rest of us.

Most people don’t know they are unconsciously content to be controlled, we do have a natural herd instinct that has been exploited by a power system that doesn’t have our best interests in mind. People have no idea how much they give their personal power away every day. But they are aware of the results, feeling helplessness, frustrated, powerless, resentful etc. Seeing how you have allowed yourself to be controlled is an eye opener! Once you see it you then have a choice. Emotional vampires have a 6th sense for our subtle weaknesses. But always know that a vampire can only drain your energy if you invite them to do so. they are allowed to deceive us, but they can’t barge in and just suck our energy.

More than once I’ve seen a woman leave a man for drinking and end up with another drunk. Or someone going from one abusive relationship to another. It strikes me that one must fix oneself before leaving and going into another relationship. Doing so will take work, and we all hate work. But the rewards will be well worth it. An improved life is the aim, and education the game. Besides, getting to know yourself could and should be fun. Be your own best friend. It’s true that people only treat you as you allow them to. Be good to you. Fix the mind the body will follow.

PS (This goes much further than personal relationships. Family, friends, strangers, work place environment, etc  can all be completely different with more awareness about how we do things to set ourselves up to get walked on).

8 thoughts on “Cha Cha Changes

  1. You’ve got a point there about them having a one up on us by wanting to be controlled. I like a lot of that domination stuff but I don’t think I could ever be someone’s slave. I like being in control too.

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