Wax Paper


I go uptown, downtown, but never leave home,
I just cross my legs, and I let my mind roam,
I see mars and some stars, but I can’t feel my slacks,
I try to lay down but I turn into wax.

I alternate and oscillate but can’t stop the pain,
It’s getting so bad, I just might go insane,
I turn on my side, and try to relax,
It’d be easier if I could pop a purple xanax.

It’s the worse time I’ve had at any one time,
Too bad I can’t think up words that will rhyme,
If I could then I would write you a poem,
But I can’t ’cause I’m wax and sittin’ at home.


( I scribbled this down trying to get my mind off back pain while trying to go to sleep.  lol, silly me.)

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