Left Love


She left me for a liquid
Left her children
Left love
Wrapped itself around her
Strangling her
Squeezing her
So she escaped it
To strangle herself.

Dying in insanity
And trying in vain
To beat the odds
And have it
Both ways
But the ruler rules her
And she obeys
The liquid
And it’s false promise
Of comfort.

Look at all the damage!
The lies
That result
When you follow your impulse
Instead of your heart.

11 thoughts on “Left Love

  1. This was about my ex. She’s 58 and still drinks and takes pills 24/7, pitiful. (The poem before was about my high school sweetheart). – I always wonder if I’ll get another chance at love at my age, it doesn’t really seem likely, but anything’s possible. ;)


  2. The opening line was sad, depressing, and very very very strong. It’s an interesting way of describing the end to something. Perhaps nobody leaves just to leave; they leave for something else, whatever that something else is, for better or worse. Nice work.


    • They say you have to reach your bottom to recover from addiction. This woman found new bottoms and ended up haing the choice to get treatment, several times, and refused. Addiction is the most hopeless, saddest, and weirdest diseases I’ve ever seen. If a cancer patient could heal his cancer by not drinking alcohol, he’d do it in a heart beat. A drunk can’t seem to stop no matter how bad it gets. Well, 90% of them. (that’s just a guess;))


  3. This is so sad. All I have to go on is T.V. shows about addiction. You can see how much it hurts when a loved one chooses things or drugs over the people they once loved (I say once, because if you choose an object or drug over a person, how can you possibly love that person?)


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