Forever Stunned


I’m living on a lightning cloud,

The thunder strikes explode so loud,

And I don’t know what to do,

‘Cause all I do is think of you.

I look around but your not there,

I close my eyes, you’re everywhere,

I’m gonna be forever stunned,

Because I lost you, my dear son.

I know this void is here to stay,

I think about you every day,

I thought I’d be the first to go,

The more I learn the less I know.

This emptiness that makes me cry,

Will always keep me asking why,

You know I think it’s just a crime,

That I can’t see you one more time…




RIP Gary,  Son – 1975-2001

18 thoughts on “Forever Stunned

    • Thanks Beijas, it’s been 13 years and time helps a little. But it’s something you think only happens to someone else. Was a tough pill to swallow. He was 11 days from turning 26, 30 days from getting married. He visited me the night before and died the next morning driving an Airborne Express truck on a snowy back road. He left 3 great brothers, one sister and mom, and many others. He was a good guy, I wish he was still with us.

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    • I don’t think any parent can truly imagine it, it’s horrible. You do have to go on, and where the strength to do so comes from is beyond my comprehension. I have 4 more adult children, and we never part company without a hug and saying “I love you” because we’ve all learned that could be the last time we see each other. So hug your kids and never leave them angry, thank god I have no regrets in the area. We had a pleasant visit and he knew we all loved him. Very important. My cousin’s dad died while they were in the middle of an argument, which makes it very hard for her. I don’t even think she remembers what they were arguing about, something silly and meaningless obviously.

      Namaste Debra, thanks for stopping by.


      • Good point on the “I love you’s.”

        Allthough I don’t have children, by choice, I love my family and do find those “I love you’s” come much easier as we all age. It also seems a lot harder to find the desire to fight or take any of my family for granted.


    • Thank you. His brothers and I just went through a bunch of old pics of him. I’m thinking this is all a dream and dying will be like waking up. At the same times it still “feels” real enough. /:


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