Chemtrails: The Real Reason

A history of lies and more lies…

Back in 2001, angry citizens had mustered enough physical evidence and thousands of photos and video tapes to make at least one congressman, Mr. Dennis Kucinich, include the phenomenon in a bill, (HR 2977) “The Space Preservation Act of 2001” where chemtrails were to be prohibited as an “exotic weapons system.” After some closed door discussions, the bill was re-introduced (HR 3615) with this portion of the prohibition omitted.

A review of the average surface temperatures over the last decade shows a decrease of 0.5F, while atmospheric temperatures have undoubtedly been rising. Scientists attribute this to chemtrails.

Non-scientists have noticed that beautiful sunny days are often turned into overcast by the crazy zig-zag flights of jets and wonder if this could also cause droughts or respiratory illnesses. It’s crazy, and no one in the government seems to want to address this.

The question remains unanswered: why won’t the government come clean with the chemtrails? Is it because the aluminum and other metallic substances has also been responsible for poisoning our water and air? Is it because the need to shield military, corporate and business communications was a higher priority than the wellbeing of the average people? We need answers and we need them now.

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3 thoughts on “Chemtrails: The Real Reason

  1. I have a private blog ( information from brazilians and their esoteric friends. They show us how to build an ionic vortex fan reversing the chemical ions in Chemtrails making them inactive.

    I was given a 1/2hp motor for my fan which I placed outside yesterday for the first time. The sky was filled with Chem crap but within 1/2 hr. I had sun shining through my window all day. If any of you are interested in joining this private blog and learning what we can do NOW, let me know or request to view blog.

    ” One of the goals of chemtrails is to provoke artificial storms through agglutination of humidity. Our equipment can greatly decrease the effect that, by changing the electrical charge of the metal ions contained on the trails through the crystals.”
    Ven Cardo I Paratron


  2. David,
    My guess is you’ve seen the geoengineering trails. It gets weird when you notice the “ripple” clouds, and the funky colored clouds next to the sun. What’s so odd and concerning about this is that nobody in the government is talking about it, even though the freakin’ trails are in front of everybody. The ripple clouds suggest a HAARP connection, where it gets weirder with HAARP expert Nick Begich’s brother the U.S. Senator Begich from Alaska. Ever heard of Billy Hayes ? Listened to a few interviews and, although his story is incredible, he seems to be honest. Wigington suggests tthat people use “geoengineering” instead of “chemtrails” because chemtrails = conspiracy theory to a lot of people – Wikipedia describes chemtrails as “conspiracy”. This is a mind bender.


    • I consider Wikipedia a form of mainstream media. The Gov’t seems to encourage conspiracy theories by withholding information vital to truth. From chemtrails to 911 and JFK to Sandy Hook, the strangeness of important questions going unanswered is staggering.


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